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I have decided that my Pintabains (LSS Foundation & Offspring of those Foundation) will be getting a new look, I'm not changing their coats & patterns just their conformation. I started messing with a few of the new CC sliders today & well by the time I was done LSS Red Hot Runner had a hole new look. This is the Conformation I will use for all Foundation Pintabains I have made & the offspring from them most of whom I have becaues no one applied for them even though when asked after the foal crop was taken down Pintabains was one of the TOP ones voted for, makes no sense to me.

The Araloosa will most likely be getting a new conformation as well. The Quarabs will continue to be bred for only, If I ever Create a Quarab it will be on a saved copy of one of the ones I bred for.

The Spanish & Shagyas most likely will not get new conformation unless I try to make them look even more like the real things.

Up until now I have used the Shagya(EA), Span ... Read more »
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As you can see LSS has a new host. I am slowly working on the site but it's coming along
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