Spanish Arabian

Spanish Arabian

   usually between 1m45 and 1m55.

   grey, bay, brown, chestnut, black, white, silver dapple, roan, sabino, splashed white
Skin should be dark except under white markings
medium, dry with a delicate  skin ; The jaws are large and well pronounced (you should be able to fit your  fist across the jaws, that is proof of breathing excellence); large nostrils, fine and movable, a rectilinear  and concave profile, a large forehead, movable ears.

big and prominent, are always on the alert, but with an expression of the greatest softness.

  long and high set; the mane and tale are fine and silky.

Back and Loins
strong, with long and horizontal hindquarters, a high straight tail carriage, in the prolongation of the back line, straightening up as soon as  the horse is in motion, even falling down on the hindquarters.

dry, the knees and hocks are large, the shins not too long, the hoofs  are hard.

an impression of lightness at a gentle trot ; great amplitude and powerful impression in the fastest paces.

vivacious and lively but he remains submitted to his master.

Other Qualities
acknowledged as breed improvement robust, fast and resilient He adjusts quickly to its new environment

  it's a very prevalent horse : Racing, jumping, dressage, endurance : he can excel in just everything !


*accepted colors have been changed from the real registry's color list, colors listed in bold are original