Shagya Arabian

Conformation Standards

Color*: grey, bay, brown, black, chestnut, silver dapple, roan, rabicano, sabino, splashed white, white

Exterior and Type: The Shagya Arabian should resemble the appearance of a beautiful, elegant and harmonious riding horse, while having an unmistakable Arabian expression, characterized through a delicate and defined/dry texture and silky hair as well as corresponding details in head and body. Breeding stallions and broodmares should show obvious and distinct gender specific characteristics, while considering the delayed development of the Arabian horse. Undesirable are breeding animals with indistinct breed or indifferent gender characteristics.

Head: The head should be small, defined/dry and striking; the profile can be slightly concave or straight. The eyes should be big, dark and wide apart. The nostrils should be dark, big and markedly capable of being expanded. The throat latch should be wide and the teeth regular. Undesirable are big, heavy, coarse heads; small, high-set and too lateral eyes, a narrow throat latch and all sorts of teeth anomalies.

Neck: Desirable is a long noble riding horse neck with a fine throat, a light neck and an arched crest. Undesirable is a neck set too high or too low, as well as a pronounced underside of the neck. Especially a short and heavy neck has to be evaluated negatively.

Shoulder/Saddle-Area: Desirable are big, sloping shoulders and a significant far into the back reaching withers. Undesirable are small, flat and steep shoulders, too flat and short or very high and pointed withers. Back: Desirable is a medium long and closed coupled, harmonious, concave well muscled back that allows an elastic movement of the back. Undesirable is a very short or very long back, a weak back with a too convex or too concave kidney/loins area.

Croup: Desirable is an only slightly sloping, long croup. Undesirable is a straight (horizontal), or very sloping or short croup.

Legs: Desirable is a dry well muscled foreleg with distinct joints. The hindlegs should
show a normal angle with a wide hock that is well coupled with a smooth transition
into the cannon bone. The pastern should be elastic and of medium length.
Undesirable are any kind of leg conformation faults, lack of muscles, too short or too
long, too steep or too weak pasterns, too steep or too sloped angled hindlegs,
elbows pressed to the chest.

Hoofs: Desirable are well shaped hooves, matching to the proportions of the horse.
Undesirable are any kind of hoof conformation faults, as well as too narrow, pointed,
flat, wide hooves and a flat back of the horn walls.

Correctness of Gaits/Movements: Desirable is a straight regular movement,
noticeable from the front to the back.
Undesirable are any kind of irregularities of the movement/gaits, such as paddling or
wiggling, as well as twisting joints.

Interior: Desirable is a trusting, well natured behavior in the stable and an at all times well balanced and safe one outside the stable, with strong nerves and manageability, when unexpected stimuli occur. Undesirable is a false and insidious behavior in the stable, spooky, over anxious while being handled, panicky and uncontrollable reactions to unexpected stimuli.

Health: Desirable is in general a robust health, longevity and fertility, stamina and frugality, without hereditary defects, minimal prone to health related risks in regards to the joint illnesses (Podotrochlosis), OCD (Osteochondrosis Dissencans Tarsi), spavin and arthritis of the toe joints, as well as a minimal risk for respiratory diseases.

(Sims Images coming soon)

I use the EA Arabian for the Shagya
*accepted colors have been changed from the real registry's color list, colors listed in bold are original