Accepted Colors & Patterns

I find myself fascinated by Arabian Genetics & the fact that as a breed they just don't carry most of the Genes that other breeds do. So I have decided that I will list all the Gene that the breed carries & what colors they can come in as well as example pictures of those colors using the interactive horse
genetics app by Jennifer Hoffman
(Found Here)

Colors I will Accept:
Patterns I will Accept: on any of the accepted colors & shades
Flaxen on any shade of chestnut
Grey (any shade)
White (white not grey)
Chestnut (any shade)
Bay (any shade)
Wild Bay
(any shade)
(Fading Black accepted as well)
Silver Black (Fading Black accepted as well)
Silver Bay
(any shade)
Silver Brown
Silver Wild Bay (any Shade)
Roan (True Roan)

All Arabian Sub Breeds carry the same genes. the fallowing Genes will never be in a purebred Arabian horse

The Gene for Sooty may be in the Arabians Genetic Code, I could not find a clear yes or no & I will accept any Sooty variant of the allowed colors.

Brindle, Birdcatcher spots, Bend Or spots, Bloody Shoulder Marks, Gulastra Plume,Chimeras,Somatic Mutations,Pangare, maybe accepted if the horse meets all other criteria for example photos go here

Here is a Horse color chart, I will over time add examples of each accepted color to the photo album, once I have created all the acceptable colors I will remove the chart from this page

Click on the chart to see it full sized