Rules & Application

Rules For Registration

1) Only One horse per Registry with a name (no horse will be accepted with a Name already in use)
2) Horses must be of accepted color for their breed,
3) Horses must have a Profile to be registered
4) I reserve the right to deny any application, if your application is denied you may resubmit it. you will be given the reason(s) your horse was denied.
5) Foals do not have to be out of Registered Parents but It is preferred
6) The Parents of all foals being Registered must have a profile
7) If a Horse's Color is off in anyway the Horse will be Denied for Registration.
8) Pintabains can't be out of a Draft, APH/AQH or Pony x Arabian, All Others Are Accepted
9) Quarabs are only allowed to carry Arabian, Quarter Horse & APH Bloodlines
10) Araloosas may only be of Arabian x Appaloosa, Nez Perce or Knabstrupper
11) Non Draft or Pony x Arabian crosses may apply for Araloosa registration, but acceptance is not guaranteed
12) CAP Created Arabians with Pinto & Appy patterns are accepted
13) Solid Araloosas will be accepted if they show Appy traits(mottled skin, striped hooves at least)
14) Solid Pintabains will be accepted out of Registered Parents, CAP Horses may also accepted
15) Appaloosa Patterned Horses with a Duel Registered (Quarter Horse & Appaloosa) Parent may apply for both Quarab & Araloosa registration
16) Please Read The Breed Standards for each breed before applying
17) Please Send in at least 2 images (in CAP with out tack) (Left,Right), though 4 images are preferred (Left,Right,Front & Rear)

I use the 2 side images for the certificates
I will work with people who have issues with sending all the images, a Old version of the certificate can be issued instead of the new version
you may also request what version of the certificate you would like, under Other in the application form


Please send to with the Subject Line (breed name here) Registration Application

Your Name:
Your Email:
Horse's Name:
Horse's Profile:
Horse's Color:
If Solid why(Pintabain & Araloosa only):
Horse's Markings:
Horse's Sex:
Is the Horse CAP:
Sire's Profile: 
Is The Sire CAP:
Dam's Profile:
Is The Dam CAP:
Did You read The Standards:
Did You read the Rules For Applying:

If you are applying for Araloosa Registration with a horse that is Arabian crossed with something other than a Appaloosa, Nez Perce or Knabstrupper & a Appy pattern please include this question in your application.

Why should this crossing be accepted as a Araloosa?