The Quarab is a breed that has solely Arabian and Quarter Horse or Paint Horse blood. Crosses of one-eighth to seven-eighths of either breed type (Arabian or Quarter Horse stock type) are allowed, but they cannot have any other breed crossed with them.
    Quarabs should display the conformation of a good saddle horse. They should appear well muscled, yet smooth and refined, and they are generally compact and of medium length. Quarabs should exhibit a degree of refinement that will vary with their type ----- Straight, Stock, or Pleasure ------ however, refinement should always be present in the head and legs.     The overall appearance of the Quarab should be pleasing, never coarse, and exhibit good substance. The body should display good strength with sufficiently dense bone and well developed joints and tendons. The coat should be fine and smooth.

A mature Quarab will generally range from 14.2 to 16 hands, although rare individuals may be slightly shorter or taller depending on the breeding. Weight is generally 900 to 1,200 pounds.

All Colors & Patterns
Appaloosa Patterns will be accepted if it comes from a Registered appy patterned Quarter Horse in the bloodlines

Types**:------------------------------------------------------For The Sims RP:
Stock = Looks mostly Quarter Horse or Paint Horse-------------Mostly QH/APH Breeding
Straight = Good cross of the two breeds-----------------------50/50 QH/APH & Arabian
Pleasure = Looks mostly Arabian---------------------- --------Mostly Arabian Breeding

How to get a Quarab: *Note* No Other Cross Breedings will be accepted, Try the Pintabain or Araloosa
Arabian X Quarter Horse
Arabian X Paint Horse
Quarab X Quarab
Quarab X Quarter Horse
Quarab X Paint Horse
Quarab X Arabian

CAP Horses are accepted on a Case By Case basis, Quarabs should be Bred not Created

*accepted colors have been changed to better conform to the Sims AQH registry held by Echo Valley who accepts all colors & patterns for the Quarter Horse
**If you would like the type to be based off of looks rather than breeding please request in you application & provide adult side views of the horse